When Boxing Mattered

When Boxing Mattered is a book about the history of boxing; focusing on the original eight weight classes: Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, Welterweight, Lightweight, Featherweight, Bantamweight and Flyweight. Fast forward to 2020. Today there are seventeen weight divisions and an unbelievable fifty-two world title claimants! How in the heck is anybody supposed to know who all these guys are? I have spent most of my life around boxing as a fan, a boxer, a trainer, manager, gym proprietor and historian. I love boxing. But even I can’t remember who all these “world champions” are.


So I decided to write a book called "When Boxing Mattered.” It is a 300 plus page decade by decade history covering the years 1882 with the ascendency of John L Sullivan to the demise of Muhammed Ali in 1980. This book focuses on the original eight weight classes and the “lineal” won it from the guy who won it from the guy who won it from the guy….world champions. This is the thesis of my book: “Sanctioning Bodies” have made a travesty of professional boxing and turned off many casual fans.   I hope you find this book helpful in understanding "the manly (and womanly) art self defense. 


When Boxing mattered is a thorough overview of ninety-eight exciting years of professional boxing, when the title “champion of the world” meant just that.  Ninety-eight years when boxing mattered. A time when the world heavyweight championship was the biggest event in sports. Yeah, it was. Time was, when Joe Blow went walking down the street, people said, “There goes Joe Blow, the heavyweight champion of the world.” Nobody doubted the fact the Joe Blow was the heavyweight champion of the world. Today, if Joe Blow were even recognized, people might say, “there goes Joe Blow, the uh…IBC or is the WBO or is the IBF…aw…forget it.” So my book, When Boxing Mattered begins.


Bo Brumble, Pugilistic Consultant, 2020