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Chapter Eighteen, The State of the Sweet Science

This brief final chapter summarizes the book and makes the author’s case against the over-reaching arms of the various sanctioning bodies that now control professional boxing. Excerpting an entire article from Wikipedia which quotes a Sports Illustrated article from 1981, a very strong case is made against the corruption and utter nonsense of the WBA, WBC, IBF, and IBO in their greed and malfeasance governing professional boxing.

Today, both professional and amateur boxing face competition from mixed martial arts with the popularity of self-defense methods such as kickboxing, muay thai, taekwondo and karate. Television shows such as “Kung Fu” both romanticized and popularized martial arts to a generation removed from regularly televised boxing. All of these are very effective forms of self-defense. But for pure drama there is something very special; something very basic and essential about two well-conditioned professional boxers, facing each other in a twenty foot ring, stripped to the waist putting their dukes up and giving their all. For many years boxing was regularly referred to as “the manly art of self-defense. Now, with seventeen weight classes (what the heck do we need seventeen for anyway) and fifty-two supposed world champions, it is comforting to remember a time WHEN BOXING MATTERED.

Bo Brumble, Pugilistic Consultant September 5, 2020

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