"Boxing Still Matters," Chapter XI, Little Dynamite - Blog #0030

Updated: Jul 20

Super Bantamweights, Bantamweight and Flyweights of the 2000’s

Chapter eleven concerns itself with the smallest classes, but by no means least interesting of the weight divisions in professional boxing. Mexican super bantamweight Israel Vasquez starts the chapter off, followed by Rafael Marquez, the younger brother of Juan Manuel Marquez, the great lightweight champion.

From there we more or less skip over the bantamweight division, for lack of a genuine world champion. The flyweights however, shine! Starting with Filipino Malcolm Tuñacao to the great Thailander Ponglaklek Wonjongkam, title holder for seven years in his first reign. Daisuke Naito, a Japanese flyweight follows reigning for two years, followed by his countryman Koki Kameda who finishes out the decade.

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