"Boxing Still Matters." Chapter VIII, the Millennials 2ooo-2010. Blog #0027

The Millennials 2000-2010 Chapter eight begins with the heavyweight division in the first decade of the Twenty-First Century. Three great heavyweights dominated the division in those years. They were Lennox Lewis of Great Britain and Vitali and Vladimir Klitschko. Often overlooked when all-time lists are being made, both Lewis and the Klitschko brothers are all-time greats.

The cruiserweights and light-heavyweights, the other weight classes covered in this chapter bring a decidedly more international, specifically Eastern European flavor to these classes, just as the Klitschko brothers, from Ukraine, flavored the heavyweights. Vassiliy Jirov of the former Soviet Union leads off the cruisers, followed by a Brit, David Haye, a Frenchman, Jean Marc Mormeck, a Jamaican, O’Neill Bell, and a Pole, Tomasz Ademek.

To the light-heavies, Darius Michalczewski leads the pack into the new Millennium, followed by Mexican Julio Cesar Gonzalez in a tremendous upset, who is then beaten by Hungarian Zsolt Erdei. Haitian/Canadian Jean Pascal wraps up the decade for the light-heavyweights.

I have tried as best I can, to somehow trace lineal championships in a very confusing decade of multiple sanctioning bodies. What were once the National Boxing Association and the New York State Athletic Commission are now the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO others that continue to sprout up. As for me, I will continue to stick with The Ring magazine ratings, still the most honest and best ratings out there. After all, they have been doing it since 1922. That’s 98 years of rating boxers. They must be good at it.

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