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Updated: Jan 19

Chapter Four – Big Fights in Small Divisions

In Chapter Four, the three lightest of the original eight weight classes are covered, beginning with the Featherweight Division and continuing through the decade of the 1980’s with the Bantamweight Division and the Flyweight Division.

The great feather champions are all covered with their big fights including the tragic Salvador Sanchez’s title winning bout against Danny “Little Red” Lopez, through the auto accident that cut short his life at age 23, the great Panamanian Eusebio Pedroza who, between reigning as WBA champion and World Champion defended the featherweight title an amazing eighteen times.

The bantamweight division has always produced great fighters. The Nineteen Eighties were no exception. Starting with Philadelphian “Joltin’ Jeff Chandler, the first American to hold the title in thirty years, and the near tragedy of the Richie Sandoval – Gaby Canizales fight.

The flyweights, the smallest of the original weight class, topping out at 112 pounds had a lot of rapid turnovers, the average reign about 4 months, closed out the decade with a great flyweight champion, Sot Chitalada who reigned twice between 1984 and 1991.

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