"Boxing Still Matters," Chapter XVI: Past, Present & Future. Blog #0035

And that is precisely what this final chapter deals with, the past, present and future of professional boxing. Here the author takes the reader through the very beginnings of boxing going as far back as the paleolithic era; jumping fast forward to Eighteenth Century England and the first lineal heavyweight bareknuckle champion James Figg. After profiling Mr. Figg, the author lists the other outstanding bareknuckle champions all the way up to the last one, John L Sullivan of Boston. That sums up the past; next is a short discussion of contemporary boxing before the author speculates on the future of boxing. It will always be with us, because men (and women now) love to fight and watch fights. Boxing is the second oldest profession and there is just something so basic, primitive and at the same time noble and artistic about the Sweet Science.

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