"Boxing Still Matters," Chapter XIII - Middle Divisions of the Present Era - Blog #0032

Chapter XIII: Chapter Thirteen covers the middle divisions of the decade 2011-2012. Beginning with the Super Middleweights and the great Andre Ward, detailing his rise through the Super Six World Boxing Classic Tournament and clinching the World Super Middleweight Title.

The Middleweight division covers Sergio Martinez, the great Argentine middleweight who won his title defeating American Kelly Pavlik. He defended his title until he met Puerto Rican warrior Miguel Cotto, who held the title until 2015, losing it then to all-time great, Mexico’s Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Alvarez paid a lasting compliment to Cotto, saying “you are the toughest guy I ever fought.

There is no single dominant lineal champion in the junior middleweight division, but the sanctioning body champions are listed. The same could be said for the welterweights, who after both Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao cleaned out the division during the years 2010-2016 the rest of the champions are sanctioning body champs. But then, we come to the jr. welterweight division. This division was packed with top-notch fighters throughout the decade; consider Pac Man, Danny Garcia, Terrence Crawford, Mikey Garcia and Josh Taylor.

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