Bo Brumble is an artist and writer who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He began his boxing career as a thirteen year old amateur in 1959 and fought until 1972. He was a member of the Third Infantry Division Army Boxing Team from 1965 until his discharge in 1967. As a teen and as young adult, he was addicted to the sweet science and read everything he could get his hands on about boxing.
By his early twenties, Bo knew all of the old timers; men like Terry McGovern, Jack Dempsey, Joe Gans, John L Sullivan, Henry Armstrong, Barney Ross, Jack Johnson and Joe Louis. Later in his life, he ran the South Park Boxing Gym in Seattle and was the manager of several professional boxers. He is retired and enjoys painting, writing and reading. He is still a subscriber to the Ring Magazine. He bought his first issue in 1959.